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    About The Author

    Ellie Finch is a Floridian, feline enthusiast, feminist, fangirl, and author.

    With a master's degree in International Conflict Resolution, she has a background in youth leadership, community-level peacebuilding, storytelling for social change, and social justice programming that empowers women and girls. In her role as a youth peacebuilding advocate, she worked for communities all over the world and met young leaders and change-makers who could teach Katniss Everdeen a thing or two. After several years of career service with Washington, DC area non-profits, she switched gears to pursue her first love and passion: writing.


    As an author, Ellie independently publishes romance novels that celebrate humor in love, equal partnerships, and sexy consent. Her mom--a romance author with a long and successful career--inspired and encouraged her to write. Fanfiction--with its supportive, collaborative communities full of diverse and talented creators--taught her how to write. She is a cis gender, proudly queer/bisexual woman, and she writes both straight and queer love stories.


    She currently lives in Florida with her cinnamon-roll husband and their two snuggly cats.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I buy your books?

    My books are available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Here are links to my author pages on each platform where my books are available. You can also follow links directly to purchase options for each individual title on the "Books" page of this website. Paperback copies are available online through Amazon. You can also follow me on Goodreads and BookBub.


    Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Kobo * Goodreads * BookBub


    How can I stay on top of your new releases?

    The best way to do that is by joining my newsletter. I’ll send out regular updates. Plus, you get a free exclusive gift!


    What is your cat’s name?

    I have two. Zelda and Youso.


    Do you write anything other than romance?

    I do! While romance is the only genre I have published, I also deeply love the Young Adult genre and have a few YA projects on various burners. I also still write fanfiction. In our productivity-focused, capitalist-hustle world, writing fic reminds me that I love writing for its own sake, even when I make no money from it.


    I just followed you on Tumblr. Why is your name different?

    I write under a pseudonym. As a writer, I have a Twitter account, newsletter, and webpage that are tied to my Romance name, and I share life and writing updates that are relevant to my role as a romance author on those pages. I keep things mostly separate for my sanity and privacy, but my Tumblr is the one exception. Tumblr is the one place where all of my reading, writing, and fandom identities converge. I share updates on my writing process, writing memes and writer problems, and photo sets or quotes from my works in progress. And that means all of my works in progress, in all genres that I write—Romance, YA, and fanfiction. You’ll get updates about my books there, but they’ll be a little more unpolished and personal than on other platforms, and you’ll also see a lot of reblogs of memes, pictures of cats, and cool books I’m reading. If you’re not interested in following a page with such messy diversity of content, don’t worry, I fully understand.